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Instituto Internacional de Displasia de Cadera

International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IICD) is an international effort, non-profit, to Improve Health and quality of life of Those Affected by hip dysplasia. Our goal is to educate parents, families and physicians, as the source of more comprehensive and reliable acerca hip dysplasia in different presentations knowledge.

Qué es la Displasia de la Cadera?

Hip dysplasia That Means That the bones form the hip joint are not aligned properly. It Affects Thousands of children and adults each year, and is p Known hrough different names: Developmental Hip Dysplasia (DEC), hip dislocation, congenital hip dislocation (DCC), open hips. Dysplasia does not allow the hip joint to function Properly and That wear a faster way than usual, similar to accelerated wear to tires When They Have a car are not aligned properly. Also, this is a “silent” condition, Which Means That Usually the patient feels no pain h till the later stages of the disease, making it difficult to detect. Developmental Hip Dysplasia (DEC): This term is used When talking of Commonly hip dysplasia in children. About 1 in every 20 children born at term have some degree of hip instability and 2-3 in 1,000 babies require treatment. DESPITE the frequency of DEC and the Possibility of Causing lifelong disabilities, the wider community has little knowledge of esta disease. Early diagnosis, prevention and treatment are simply the best solution without e mbargo, many hip dislocations are difficult to treat with current methods. Adults with hip dysplasia: is The most common cause of osteoarthritis (wear) of the hip. A Norwegian study published in 2008 Showed That over 90% of cases in young adults Could not have been diagnosed in childhood through current methods of diagnosis and screening. This Suggests the need to Develop new methods of prevention and early diagnosis. The research Conducted by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute, with the support of “Larry the Cable Guy” are Aimed at finding solutions to the problem of hidden cases of hip dysplasia. “Larry the Cable Guy” is Committed to work together to solve the problems of hip dysplasia by Disseminating the need for research, education and new methods of treatment in the United States and the rest of the world. We are proud to have “Larry” as our main sponsor and Spokesman.

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